Created in July, 2008

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With technology changing the face of education more rapidly each day, it sometimes feels like it's difficult to keep up.  This site is dedicated to making educational technology accessible to teachers and beneficial for students.

 Addressing the Challenges

  • Time - We don't always have lots of it.
  • Know How - Who has time to figure all this out?
  • Money - Always in short supply  (or spent on the wrong things)
  • Administration - Compelling reasons about why you're doing it
  • Student Outcomes - Things to really make them better
  • Safety - Sites that are school friendly


  1. Students learn best by doing.  The best use of technology in the classroom involves collaboration and creation.
  2. Project based learning gets chaotic.  Sitting and being quiet doesn't equal learning - don't let the chaos deter you.
  3. Make it important.  Give the students a real world purpose and let them apply what they've learned.

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