Make your content live

Creating a lot of great content doesn't do a lot of good if you can't show it to anyone.  Parents and Administrators like to see what is going on in the classroom and when the students make something cool, they like to show it off.  Here's how.




  • Embed anything
    • Most Web 2.0 (interactive/user generated websites) have an "embed" option
    • To embed something on your blog, copy the embed code from whatever site you're using then paste it into a post on your blog
    • Click publish and it's on your blog
    • The slideshare to the right is an embed
  • Tips
    • If something doesn't fit in your blog right, change the width and height of the object
    • Read the embed code and see where it says "width" and "height" (look for something like width="288" height="192")
    • Generally, the width to height ratio is 4:3.  If the embed doesn't fit, change the width and height to smaller numbers, but keep the 4:3 ratio. (w288, h192 goes to w216, h128)
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