The Basics

  • Any computer with an up-to-date operating system and at least 512 MB of RAM (to run Web 2.0 apps).
  • An Internet connection - preferably wireless.
  • An all purpose browser - I recommend Firefox.  It is cross platform and works with everything.
  • The latest versions of Flash, Java, and Quicktime installed on the computer.
** A Blog, Wiki, or Synthasite on which to post all the cool stuff you and your students create.



 Getting it on Screen

  • LCD Projector - Low end projector costs $500, makes a huge screen, and can go anywhere
  • Interactive Whiteboard - SMARTboard, Promethean, Mimio, Interwrite, etc. ($2000-$3500 not counting the cost of a projector and ceiling mount for it)


 Fun Toys

  • Wireless Mouse - This lets you control your screen from anywhere in the room or let students use the computer from their desk. ($15 - $25)
  • Drawing Pad ($50 - $300) - Makes it easy to draw diagrams or math problems on screen.  These are also easy to save and embed
  • Wireless Keyboard ($30 - $75) - Keeps you mobile
  • Wiimote and Infrared Pen ($40)

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