How long is this going to take?

  • There is no substitute for good planning - and it often takes time. 
  • Using Web 2.0 applications with a project based learning approach can lower your overall time spent planning.*
  • Many Web 2.0 apps are modeled off of things that you already know how to use (Office suites, drawing, pictures).
  • You don't have to learn the ins and outs of an application to use it, your students will learn a lot by experimenting. Let them teach you.

 How much is it going cost?

  • If you have a computer (made in 2003 or later) and an internet connection, you can do most of the things discussed on this site.
  • See the "Equipment" section for a number of tools under $25 that will enhance the classroom experience.
  • Beg, Borrow, Plead - Find people who are moving on or upgrading (businesses, neighbors, colleges) and get it low cost or free.
  • Pressure administration to use technology dollars on computers and projectors, NOT software or interactive white boards.
  • There are technology grants galore, I've acquired all my tools/toys through grants.  Write one grant and send it all over.

 Is it safe?

  • If you create an edublog, you can monitor and approve everything that comes through - you are the gatekeeper.
  • Many web 2.0 apps have education editions that offer teachers free access and privacy options.
  • While most apps teachers might use are probably safe, your best bet is always to preview it beforehand.

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