Google Docs

  • Have your class notes posted automatically
  • Once you set a doc to publish automatically, all students have to do is go to the link to see the updates.
  • You can also embed presentations like the one below

 Cluster Maps

  • Have students create mind maps on a topic, then post it.
  • Use bubble.usmindomo, or even PowerPoint
  • Great for any subject

 Map Anywhere

  • Use ZeeMaps for easy mapping and labeling
  • Switch between satellite, hybrid, and terrain views
  • Pinpoint locations, add a picture and a description, or outline entire regions

 Tell a Story in Pictures

  • Get pictures off the web and make a slideshow to tell a story
  • Have students draw along and write a caption for each picture in the story
  • Bring your own camera and have them pose sequence shots to tell a story - then have them make a comic out of it.

 Many other ideas...

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