Project Based Learning

  • Students apply what they have learned with a real world application
  • Projects are long term and interdisciplinary, most often employing some form of technology
  • Backed by empirical research
  • Students are doing, not just listening

 PBL Step by Step

  1. Introduce content and tell your class about the project
  2. Teach mini-lessons and have students research for background material
  3. Give the students a direction, some tools, and set them to work
  4. Meet and collaborate with students throughout the project
  5. Present your project (public demo, post on the web, hard copy)

 Sample 1 - Geography Project

  • During an Africa unit, students learned basic geography, history, customs, and were introduced to issues plaguing various countries
  • For the project, students in groups of 3-4, researched and submitted a plan to help victims of AIDs, Famine, or Civil War.
  • Each student in the class contributed $1 and that amount was matched by the teacher, along with prizes from local businesses.
  • Each group presented their plan while being judged and questioned by a group of their peers. 
  • The winning group, as selected by their peers, received the money and had the option of donating it to a charity that aided the issue on which they presented.
  • Each group was graded based on scores by the judges and by a rubric from the teacher.


 Sample 2

The Green Monkey Project

  • Students researched and read about various ways to recycle and the impact it has on the environment
  • In groups of 2-3, students designed a webpage telling about one way they could make the school a "greener" place.
  • Students created a computer game with situations testing a person's knowledge of recycling.
  • Students made movies to show how to recycle and save energy at school.
  • Students presented their website to other classes in different schools throughout the city.
  • Throughout the year, the students used the Green Monkey character in stories and drawings for class projects.
  • The following year, the students made a companion site that focused on "green" practices for businesses

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